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Friday 3rd April

You might like to try some of these activities today...

1 - Maths: Bag of socks – can you sort the socks? Pattern, size, colour? Can you find the matching pairs? How many pairs can you find? How many socks do people wear? Challenge: If there are 6 socks how many people can wear them?

2 - Phonics: Can you think of words that all start with the same sound? Can you make your own tongue twisters?

3 - Fun: Have a go at this fun inventor scavenger hunt.  Inventors-scavenger-hunt.docx

4 - Purplemash.com: mini mash – click on the door to go outside and select the butterfly. To make it more challenging click on the rainbow elephant at the top. I traced over the lines and made the pen thinner. (Use the sliding icon on the bottom right.)

I have also attached some Easter egg colouring. Thought you might like to do this over the Easter break. 





Thursday 2nd April

Here are the activities I suggested for today...

1 - English: Can you make your own book. It could be about spring? It could be your favourite story? It could be an alphabet book? It could be a number book?

2 - Phonics: Alliteration – Tongue twisters – can you say them as a family out loud?


3 - Fun: Can you make an Easter nest? See attached visual instructions.  Easter-Nest-Instructions.doc

4 - Purplemash.com: Mini-mash - outside music. Choose 2explore, sound effects. Can you make a song with the sound effects. You can try to record it if you would like)



Wednesday 1st April

Here are today's activities:

1 - Maths – Learn this new maths song - Three Little Frogs Sitting on a Well. Additional challenge at the bottom of the page. (Song attached)  OxOwl-Three-little-frogs.pdf

2 - Phonics:Play I-spy. You could have a collection of objects to focus on. You could focus on few initial sounds to begin with s,a,t. You could use the i-spy sheet sent home in your home learning pack.

3 - Fun activity - Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt.


4 - Purplemash.com: Mini-mash - Numbers and counting, alphabet pairs.


Tuesday 31.3.20

Here are some of my suggestions for Tuesday's activities...

1 - English – Listen to the story on The Ugly Duckling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbiqYODEZL4

  • How many eggs did the mummy duck have?
  • Why didn’t the ducklings want to play with their brother?
  • What was the Ugly Duckling really good at?
  • What happened to the water in winter?
  • Who was kind and rescued the Ugly Duckling?
  • What could you see in the story when it turned to Spring?
  • What did the Ugly Duckling turn into?

2 - Phonics: Voice sounds. Play a game of ‘Give us a clue’. e.g. It’s long and tall and it sounds like this.... – a hoover or a brush

3 - Fun:  nursery-scavenger-hunt.docx   Click on the link to enjoy a scavenger hunt - what will you find?

4 - Purplemash.com: Mini-mash – simple city (map on the wall, person building a wall) can you use the shapes to build a house.


Monday 30.3.20

1 - Maths- shape hunt, how many circles, triangles, rectangles or squares can you find? How can you record this?

2 - Phonics - Animal sounds- how many different animal sounds can you make?

3 - Invite your teddies for a real/pretend teddy bears picnic.

4 - Purplemash.com Mini-mash - On the washing line can you decorate an Easter egg? What pattern will yours be?


Friday 27.3.20

Here are my suggestions for today's activities...

1 - Make a den using blankets/ sheets/ cushions. You could add torches if you have any.

2 - English – Read your favourite story together. Can your child read it to you? Using the pictures as prompts. You could read it in your den?

3 - Phonics: Sing familiar nursery rhymes and miss the last rhyming word. Can your child fill in the missing rhyme? E.g. Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great …? Can you make up alternative rhymes?

4 - Purplemash.com - Mini-mash -Can you decorate the gingerbread man? (Picture hanging on the washing line)

Thursday 26.3.20

Here are my suggestions for today's activities...

1 - Maths – Play a game you have in your home. Snake and ladders.
If you have cards you could play snap/ pairs.

2 - Phonics: Robot voice – have a selection of objects and sound talk an object. Child to blend word and guess object. E.g. s-o-ck, b-oo-k, t-i-n. etc
Ensure children know what objects are called before you start.

3 - Learn noughts and crosses.

4 - Purplemash.com - Mini-mash - In reading and writing can you do the jigsaw for the first letter in your name?


Wednesday 25.3.20

So here are today's activities you might like to do...

1 - English – Can you draw the characters from the story Jack and the Beanstalk?
Can you hear the first sound in their names? E.g. J – Jack, M – Mum.

2 - Phonics: Can you use wooden spoons to sing chop, chop… (These are the words so you can teach your family "chop, chop, chopity chop, chop off the bottom and chop off the top. What we have left we will put in the pot chop chop chopity chop.")

3 - Make a treasure hunt in your home or in the garden.

4 - Mini-mash - In Numbers and counting select maths city and explore the rocket activities.


Tuesday 24.3.20

Today you could do our 'In The Summertime' boogie by Mungo Jerry. I know it's not quite summer but we do like this boogie. Can you remember my favourite part? 1


Today you could try these activities...

1 - Maths: Go on a colour hunt. How many red/ blue/ silver… things can you find in your home? How could you show how many you found? (Pick your favourite colours to find.)

2 - Phonics: Robot voice – segmenting words and your child to blend. E.g. c-u-p = cup Play this robot game with body parts. Touch your h-ea-d, n-o-se, f-ee-t, l-e-g, h-air, ch-ee-k-s. Can children put the word together and touch the correct body part?

3 - Make your own music. Can you use pots and pans to make different sounds?

4 - https://www.purplemash.com/login/ -  Mini-mash - Explore Simple city (the map on the wall)
Remember you can spend as little or as long as you like on each activity. It will depend on your child's level of interest and concentration. For example, the phonics activity it a quick fun activity but you can extend this with other objects/ words.

Monday 23.3.20 

So here are my suggestions for today...

1 - English – sing familiar nursery rhymes aloud from memory. Learn some new ones... https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/nursery-rhymes-a-to-z-index/z4ddgwx

2 - Phonics - Match the sounds game

3 - Play your favourite pop music and make up your own boogie.

4 -  https://www.purplemash.com/login/- Mini-mash - Play pairs in the games section.