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Friday 27.3.20

1 - Phonics activity – Your phonics challenge today is all about tricky words. Please take the tricky words from the front of your reading record and complete any two of the following

  • Write your tricky words with water and a paintbrush on a patio or fence.
  • Ask your grown up to hide your tricky words and see if you can find them. As you find them read them and tell your grown up a sentence with that word in it.
  • Use any many different coloured pens as you can to rainbow write your words.
  • Lay out your tricky words on the floor. Ask your grown up to call a word out and see who can pick it up or splat it the quickest.
  • Write out each word onto a small piece of paper or post it note. Do this twice. Play tricky word snap.

2 - Maths activity- Make or draw a pattern with any 3 things, for example lion, tiger, elephant, lion, tiger, elephant.. Or red bead, red bead, blue bead, green bead, red bead, red bead, blue bead, green bead. You can use anything that you have in your house to make your pattern.

3 - Open ended activity- Today’s challenge is do some cooking or baking. I appreciate the ingredients are hard to come by at the moment, please don’t go shopping for anything for this task. This could be as simple as peeling some vegetables for dinner or as complex as making a bake off worthy masterpiece. It is entirely up to you! I would love to see a photo of you in the kitchen J Can you do any weighing?

4 - Purple Mash- Can you access the paint part of purple mash and make me your most improve picture? Don’t forget to explore the colours and textures. Can you save it in your tray so that I can see it?


Thursday 26.3.20

Below are the challenges for the day…

1 - Phonics activity – Today’s sound is x, can you practice saying x? Can you practice writing x? Can you write box, fox, mix, six and fix? Help Geraldine the Giraffe learn the x sound by watching Mr Thorne- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0YLRRdZ3R4

2 - English activity- Today you could think of your favourite character from your favourite book. Can you write words or sentences to describe what the character is like? e.g. He is funny, She is brave and strong, He is small and furry.

3 - Open ended activity- A housebound treasure hunt- Create a map of your home. Then hide small items around it, whilst mark each piece of hidden treasure on the map. Then get an adult to follow the map to find all the treasure.

4 - Purple Mash- Click on Simple City- (Which is on the wall next to the clock). Then click on the picture of the Zoo. There are some zoo activities to complete, included the questions section. https://www.purplemash.com/login/



Wednesday 25.3.20

Today’s home learning challenges are…

1 - Phonics activity –  Today’s sound is w, can you practice saying w? Say it to the floor, the ceiling, your grown up, in a whisper, in a squeaky voice and a deep voice. Can you practice writing w? Look at the picture of the worm on your sound mat and then write it saying down, up, down up as you write it. Can you think of any words that have w in them? Can you write win, web, weed, wet and wig?  Have a go at trash or treasure on phonics play, when you open the game click phase 3, revise all phase 3. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html


2 - Maths activity- Your maths activity today is to think about doubles. Can you remember what a double is? Double is when we have two groups of the same so if we are trying to double 7 we draw one lot of 7 then we need to draw another and count how many there are altogether. We could even put 7 in our heads and then count on 7 more. Here is your challenge for today, can you draw or use object to work it out? Miss Cooper has planted 8 seeds, Mrs Thompson has planted double. How many seeds has Mrs Thompson planted?

3 - Open ended activity- Can you set up an indoor picnic for your family? Perhaps you could ask your grown up if you could make the food for your picnic? Can you make sure that everyone has the crockery and cutlery that they need? Don’t forget to wash up when you’ve finished! I would love to see some pictures of you at your picnic!

4 - Purple Mash- Can you explore the games area of mini mash? If you click on the two children sat at the table there are some games for you to play, can you try pairs?

Tuesday 24.3.20

Today’s activities –

1 - Phonics activity – Today’s sound is ‘v'. Can your child find anything in your house that begins with v? Could they draw a picture of an object that has a v in it? Can they think of any words that begin with v or have v in them? Children - Your challenge is to write some v words. I have written 3, can you write more?

Grown ups- I had lots of emails yesterday about the pronunciation of sounds. Mr Thorne on youtube is great for this. Just search “Mr Thorne does phonics v” and watch his video. For the v sound its best to show your child with your top teeth on your bottom lip “vvvv”  - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7sW4j8p7k9D_qRRMUsGqyw

2 - English activity- Draw or paint a picture of your family, and write sentence of who is in the picture. Don't forget about spaces between each word. Perhaps you could write what a person is good at of what they like? Eg Mum loves books.

3 - Open ended activity- Can you make a teeny tiny raft that can float in a sink. You could use: twigs, plastic bottles, Lego, straws, anything that you can find in the house. What’s the heaviest thing you raft can hold? Can it hold a tea spoon? I’d love to see some pictures of your rafts.

4 - Purple Mash- Please log into Purple Mash and then click on Simple City (it is the picture on the wall next to the clock) then complete the Cafe activity, can you imagine what it would be like to work in a real café? https://www.purplemash.com/login/


Monday 23. 3.20

Today’s activities –

1 - Phonics activity – I feel like these are the most important activities we will be setting, if you only have the time to do one activity please make it this one.
Today’s sound is ‘j’ (think about the sound you make when you say the word jelly rather than the letter name “jay”) Use your finger to write j in the air noticing how it is longer than an “i” and goes the other way. Can your child find anything in your house that begins with j? Can they think of any words that begin with j or have j in them? As a challenge they could write the words down, if they’re feeling super clever they could even write a sentence with that word. Eg, “The jelly is red.”

A little note on phonics – in Reception we aim for the children to write in a phonetically plausible way, using the tricky words that they have on the front of their reading records. For example “The bair clighmed onto the log” Please encourage your child to do the same at home. If they are stuck they can always use the sound mats I sent home in their packs. The sounds on these mats are the only sounds your child has been taught so far.

2 - Maths activity- Use lego/ wooden bricks/ duplo or similar to build towers and structures. Practice using the words taller and shorter as well as more and fewer.

3 - Open ended activity- Talk to your child about what you liked to do as a child, the types of games that you used to play, the books you read, the things you liked to do. Allow them to ask you questions and make comparisons between the things they like and the things you liked.

4 - Purple Mash- Please log into purple mash and just have a play on mini mash, for some of your children this will be the first time that they have seen purple mash from their own log ins. Why not click on one of the activities on the washing line and have a go at completing it?

Your child’s log in for purple mash is stuck to the front of the home learning book that I sent home last week.

Some other ideas

  • Jo Wicks is going to be doing a daily work out for children at 9am, we have done these quite a lot at school so I hope your child will enjoy the familiarity and routine.
  • While there is less time pressure, allow you child to get themselves dressed every day, let them master those tricky buttons and zips!
  • Get outside (if you can) and do some weeding and planting.