Feel Good Week

This week we celebrated Feeling Good Week 2017. This week aims to improve the health and mental health of children in Hertfordshire. At St John's we secured funding from the Feeling Good initiative to further improve the provision for our children and support positive mental health.

The School Council have consulted classes on how we can improve our dining room area to promote 'Happy Lunchtimes' and resources are being purchased to meet many of the children's requests.

Teachers took part in yoga training from 'Calm for Kids' and are excited about being able to share this with the children in their classes.

In our assembly on Thursday we talked about our feelings and how we can use breathing and calming techniques to help manage our emotions. Please see 'Relax like a cat' at. www.moodcafe.co.uk/for-children-and-young-people/relaxation-for-children.aspx for more information.

Children took part in a range of learning to support their PSHE development. Pupils in Foundation Stage did a particularly good job of working together!